Master Plan Overview

The Special Flushing Waterfront District proposal seeks to revitalize 29 acres of inactive and underutilized land that will provide substantial public benefits, including a privately funded and maintained road network and waterfront that are both publicly accessible, affordable housing, environmental remediation, extensive infrastructure upgrades related to the existing sewer and drainage systems and more.

With a thoughtfully designed and well-coordinated master plan, which would not have been possible without the joint efforts of different owners, the project will knit together Downtown Flushing and the Flushing Creek waterfront to become a beacon for Flushing and Queens at large. Estimated total completion is anticipated in 2025.

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Public Benefits

Publicly Accessible Private Road Network: 124,000 square feet of publicly accessible streets and sidewalks which will be privately funded and maintained.

Publicly Accessible Waterfront and Open Spaces: A substantial increase to the width (from 20’ to 40’) and length (an additional 400’) to the waterfront, all publicly accessible and privately funded and maintained. FWRA will also be substantially increasing the total amount of required open space by 120% (3.0 acres to 6.6 acres).

Site Environmental Remediation: A mandatory environmental remediation plan, which will be performed under the supervision of and based upon the guidelines issued by either NYC Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) E-Designation Program or the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Brownfield Cleanup Program.

Flushing Creek Waterway Relief: Privately funded, major infrastructure additions and upgrades to the existing sewer and storm water drainage systems, along with the removal of contaminated soils currently migrating from the development lots to provide environmental relief to Flushing Creek.

Permanent Affordable Housing: The northern-most manufacturing and residential districts will provide Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH).

The Team

The majority of the proposed Special Waterfront District is owned by a consortium of three developers under the name FWRA LLC, comprised of F&T Group, United Construction and Development Group Inc., and Young Nian Group.

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